07/21/2016 02:32 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2016

Adele Shares Makeup-Free Photos, Causing Girls Everywhere To Throw Out Their Eyeliner

Because really, who needs it?

Contouring? Not needed here. 

Adele shared two candid photos on her Instagram Wednesday from Vancouver where she is performing for her 25 tour.

The singer, known for a cat eye so impeccable she was likely born with it (or maybe it’s Maybelline), has always been a fan of black-and-white portraits (just look at her three album covers) but these new shots show a side of Adele we rarely see. 

One photo shows her effortlessly pulling off a makeup-free messy bun look while sporting a Vancouver Canucks security jumpsuit. 

Vancouver, CA / Rogers Center / July 20

A photo posted by @adele on

The second shot is of the “Someone Like You” singer looking off into the distance, equally fresh-faced and wearing a long lace gown. 

Vancouver, CA

A photo posted by @adele on

In an alternate universe, we would all spend our days pensively drinking glasses of wine in Vancouver, wearing lace dresses as loungewear. 

We can only imagine what Adele is thinking about, but it’s probably along the lines of “How many people am I going to make cry/call their exes/ dissolve into a pool of emotions at my concert tonight?”

Or, if she’s like us, she’s just thinking about what she’s going to have for lunch.

Nonetheless, keep slaying, Adele.

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