Aramco Brat Reunion


I had a rare upbringing. I know many people lament that they didn't fit in, that they were the odd one out when growing up, but I think my case may carry a little more weigh than most.

I was born in Calgary, Canada and lived there until I was 5, at which point my family moved to Saudi Arabia. My Dad worked as an engineer for Aramco, an oil company in Saudi Arabia, and his job allowed us to live there for over 7 years. We lived in an American compound called Dhahran which was mostly Americans with a sprinkling of Canadians, Brits, and various other European and Asian nationalities. It was a privileged lifestyle that allowed us to travel to various places when we went on "re-pat" which meant to be a re-patriot and go back to your native country. We would often travel for a month or so as the company allowed, and even encouraged, lengthy vacations. By the time I was 12 I had traveled around the world 5 times. My family explored India and China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Greece among other places but that kind of thing was the norm among my friends.

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