Asif Khan Lottery: Struggling College Student Wins $1 Million Prize (VIDEO)

A 21-year-old college student and Indian immigrant finally has enough money to pay for his education and then some after winning $1 million playing the lottery.

Asif Khan, of Villa Park, Ill., bought a winning $1 million instant lottery ticket at the Hillside Shell gas station on November 19, reported The Chicago Tribune. Lottery officials presented him with a ceremonial check at the gas station Wednesday morning.

According to NBC, Khan, a junior at East-West University in Chicago, plans to continue his education and wants to become a cardiologist.

"I never expected this," Khan told the Chicago Tribune. "A majority of the money will go toward my education for a better future. If I do have some money left over, I'll invest it and save it for (the future)."

Khan, who immigrated with his family to the United States in 2006, told WGN TV that he often buys instant scratch tickets, but usually only for the $2,500 a Week for Life game. Just before Thanksgiving, however, he decided to take a chance and purchase a $20 instant ticket for the $4 million Gold Bullion game.

He had never paid that much for a ticket before, but he told WGN TV that he bought it because the ticket "was flashy with a lot of gold."

Instead of scratching off the ticket, Khan scanned it at the gas station. A receipt from the machine informed him he won $600,000, reported the Chicago Tribune.

"I immediately drove home," he said. "My mother was sleeping so I woke her and told her I won. She told me, 'Good luck to you, be safe and don't go crazy, and always come to me if you have any questions.'"

Khan said he kept the ticket in a college textbook for several days before contacting lottery officials.

In a fortunate twist of fate, Khan was told by lottery officials -- who couldn't explain the mix-up -- that he had actually won $1 million.

"(My mother) and I just couldn't believe it," said Khan.

Kahn is allowing himself one splurge with the new fortune. He currently borrows his mother's 2003 Honda Accord every day to drive to school, but he will soon purchase his own Mercedes.

"I plan to help my family and my friends in need, but the first thing I am going to do," Kahn told NBC, "is get a new car."

He also plans to transfer to University of Illinois at Chicago now that he can afford the tuition.



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