Baby Titi Monkey At Lincoln Park Zoo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Naturalists at Lincoln Park Zoo may not know yet whether their newest baby is a boy or a girl, but one thing's for sure: it's adorable!

The baby, born August 18, is the newest addition to one of the zoo's Bolivian gray titi monkey families, the ninth baby born to mom Delasol, 21, and dad Ocala, 15, according to a release from the zoo. Its youngest sibling, a male named Ocho, was born last October.

Delasol and Ocala's offspring are significant for the declining gray titi monkey species, which has seen its South African habitat decimated and been preyed upon for the illegal pet trade.

“The baby is spending most of its time nestled in the thick fur on mom’s back, but we do get a glimpse of its little face peeking up now and then,” Curator of Primates Maureen Leahy said in the release. “Dad and the siblings are playfully curious with the new arrival, and the whole group is responding appropriately to the addition.”

Titi monkey families are tight-knit, and the new baby's parents, siblings and other monkeys in the habitat can be seen sitting closely together and exhibiting bonding behavior.

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Baby Titi Monkey

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