04/24/2014 07:00 am ET

These Are The Drinks Bartenders Really Order When They're Not On The Job

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When you're at a bar, do you have a go-to drink? Do you always start with a beer or go straight to a shot? Maybe you're a cocktail-lover -- do you always gravitate to a reliable favorite or are you always looking for something new?

Finding your match in a drink is important. A go-to drink is a trusty companion, an easy conversation starter, a comforting refreshment and a cue to unwind.

If choosing a favorite drink is lost on you, fear not -- just look to the experts. We've rounded up 17 go-to drinks from some awesome bartenders, so that you can take a professional's lead. Because who would know better what to order at a bar than a bartender?

When these bartenders aren't behind their own bars, they're drinking lots of daiquiris and martinis. They'll also reach for an Old Fashioned, a Sidecar or a Michelada. The favorite, however, seems to be a Negroni -- so if all else fails, remember that cocktail.

When in doubt, do as the bartenders do and order these drinks.

Bartenders' go-to drinks

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