09/16/2015 12:03 pm ET

Hungry Bear Cub In Colorado Pizza Parlor Has A Sweet Tooth

"He's eating all the icing!"

An orphaned bear cub surprised staff and patrons at a Colorado Springs, Colorado, pizza restaurant when he unexpectedly dropped in for a snack.  

A worker discovered the bear, which had been spotted downtown earlier, in the prep room of Louie's Pizza on Monday afternoon. 

"He just yells 'bear' and runs outside," Sawyer Janney, who also works at Louie's, told The Gazette

"I asked what was up, and they said that there's a bear in there and he's eating all the icing," Andy Shinholt, a customer, told KOAA

The cub snacked on oil and icing that's used in desserts served at the pizza restaurant before bedding down on a shelf, employees told the local station.

The bear cub apparently got into the back room through an open door. Employees called Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who sent officers to tranquilize the bear and safely remove it from the premises. 

The bear appeared to have been abandoned by its mother, KOAA reported. It turns out that it was malnourished and underweight, and also had an injured paw. Wildlife officers took the bear cub to a rehabilitation shelter. 

"If we get that weight up and the wound heals, it will go back into the wild," Matt Robbins, spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told The Gazette.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said there's been an increase in bear sightings recently, as the animals forage for easy sources of food to fatten themselves up before hibernation season. 

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