Beauty+Purpose+Passion And The Ability to Lead

07/10/2017 01:28 pm ET
<em>Beauty for the Soul </em>founder exemplifies her mission to uplift and inspire women to live their best life, now
Terese Santos
Beauty for the Soul founder exemplifies her mission to uplift and inspire women to live their best life, now
Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.
Annie Lamott

Being a feminine woman today on the success track requires a new set of parameters compared to few decades ago. In the past we thought we needed to ‘imitate men’ and ended up on the corporate ladder with padded shoulders only to reach the glass ceiling. Today things have changed and we are now realizing that the best way to success is simply being yourself. We don’t have to push, muscle our way through or be overtly competitive. We can be lighthouses, attracting through our beaming authentic selves.

When you discover your core values, core virtues and gifts, providing a valuable service to others, then your true essence shines through and illuminates everything on your path. Terese Santos

Most successful women are aware that they need to get their own ‘house in order’ by peeling away the layers to discover their true essence. Using the law of attraction, radiating our inner glow and embracing our sacred wounds can lead us to more freedom. Instead of escaping from the shadow, we can triumph and experience a victory over the hardships. We may find that we can experience more joy, more strength and ultimately more love for ourselves and others.

I recently attended a newsworthy event 'Beauty For The Soul,’ produced by Terese A. Santos, a powerfully feminine woman who is committed to uplifting and inspiring other women.

Presenting beauty breakthrough events
Terese Santos
Presenting beauty breakthrough events
The day has come for women to gather together to celebrate their creativity. It’s time to step out center stage to share your brilliance and your beauty! Terese Santos

This is one of several events Santos produces yearly to share the wisdom of the divine feminine essence, her beauty secrets of the stars and how we can experience beauty from the inside-out. 

She explains that ‘through the mass media, women are so inundated with focusing on the shell, the mask and the outer facade.’

Santos is the epitome of loveliness, beauty and success, earning 18 Mary Kay Cars, mainly the infamous Pink Cadillac!  What does this winner do for an encore after scoring big in the Mary Kay Cosmetics world? Santos, the super achiever, earned her first million at the ripe age of 29, created a coaching phenomenon that helped make millionaires for her team. Expanding this success formula out into the world of working women in all fields, Santos is offering her wise experienced mentorship.

Beauty for the soul Event
Terese Santos
Beauty for the soul Event
If you do not have wise mentorship you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage. Terese Santos

She guides her clients to “Know the difference between WISE and Otherwise!” Her genius is to help someone find their clarity-their North Star! With 35 years of proven results, this women’s success ‘guru’ has been ‘taking her act on the road’ and offering her wisdom, guidance, support to all women seeking to invest in their own powerful presence in the world. Her decades of helping clients through conquering their own limiting beliefs is directly accessed in her seminars and personal coaching programs.

Women are flocking to her and they are seeking to gain new life management skills, more confidence and courage. She guides them on the path to create a more vibrant lifestyle by attracting more money and opportunities and at the same time shed stress.

Your Self-Worth is directly connected to your Net-Worth. Terese Santos

The topics she addresses in her one-day VIP Intensive Mentorship include diverse issues from self-worth to self-care, sleep to money to sales and beyond. The emphasis for women is on feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Beauty for the Soul,
Teres Santos
Beauty for the Soul,
Women who take the time to beautify themselves with flattering makeup and fine clothing earn much more money! Terese Santos

Just like ‘clothes make the man’, feeling beautiful through hair and makeup and overall appearance make the woman. Yet Santos brings forth another dimension, which originates from an inner balance of the mind/body/spirit as the source.

She not only brings together the latest in beauty tips, including makeup, fashion and style, but features other powerful women who are breaking the barriers to success and are leading edge authors, coaches and speakers. In addition, as a high-end Private Celebrity Makeup Artist on both coasts, Santos makes it possible for every woman to have a session with her a price point that is affordable

“Every women deserves to have Beauty Confidence-today more than ever, because women must be comfortable being seen. We are out there now online, on stage in networking rooms where people truly will connect with you if you feel confident in what you are speaking about.”

Confidence is Priceless! Terese Santos
Terese Santos and Marsh Engle, powerful women presenting at the Beauty For the Soul Event
Terese Santos
Terese Santos and Marsh Engle, powerful women presenting at the Beauty For the Soul Event

Another outstanding speaker of the day, Marsh Engle, founder of ‘Conversations With Amazing Women’, is an author of several books including The Sacred Agreements: Purpose. Passion. And the Power to Lead.

Engle shared her experiences from the award winning “Amazing Woman’s Day” and ‘The One Million Called’, moving women to bring their creative callings to life, elevating the audience to a higher sense of their own gifts and talents.

Within every amazing woman is the power to love, imagine, create and transform. She is the full circle of pure potentials. When she sets free this potential, she holds the power to change the world. Marsh Engle

Highlights of the Beauty for the Soul day:


There are woman out there starting businesses 3x more than men but less than 2% make $50,000.

  • No matter what your shape or size, a woman needs to feel beautiful
  • When we take care of ourselves, we show up differently, kinder in the world
  • Attract love, money, feel more lovely
  • Most women are caught up in the distortion of beauty from Hollywood. The message is : Men’s priority favors someone that looks good on the outside first (but it doesn’t last)
  • Beautiful model thin women can get a man, but may also live plastic lives.
  • Orange County, CA (think Real Housewives of Orange County) is the number one county of female addiction because many are focused on outer beauty. h
  • Women are addicted to substance abuse, alcohol, more than ever before, and their sleep and health suffering
  • Women who radiate the soul essence-attract more love and money
  • There is a secret society of shame, suffering, not eating, etc.
  • No matter how you look, you must love yourself
  • What used to be the desired almost unattainable look for women, is now fading because there is a movement of wanting to get joy back into their lives. Having to make so many sacrifices to attain an unrealistic image of imposed beauty standards has created a backlash.
  • Women are seeking more joy because they are the most emotional
  • Women are suffering with heart disease, which is the number one cause of death.
  • Now more than ever, it is more important to focus on self-love, self-care and the feminine divine.
  • Some women go too far with plastic surgery, and become a caricature of themselves

Santos offers hope, guidance, encouragement and mentoring to women with a dream that find themselves struggling with life management, money, beauty, and other issues. Santos has helped so many to attain their goals and inspired her clients. For those who love to live in beautiful spaces, look younger and feel alive, she has developed her ‘beautiful platform.’

Once you are able raise your vibration to experience peace of mind, once you have your survival handled, your can become Enlightened Through Joy. Terese Santos
Beauty for the Soul event
Terese Santos
Beauty for the Soul event
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