Here's Another Benedict Cumberbatch 'Star Wars' Rumor

Now for something completely different: Benedict Cumberbatch is, once again, rumored to appear in "Star Wars: Episode VII." That's the word from Latino Review, which claims that the denials from Cumberbatch's representatives are nothing but subterfuge on par with how the actor would not confirm his role as Khan in "Star Trek Into Darkness."

Cumberbatch was first publicly connected to "Episode VII" back on Sept. 2, when the website The Film Chronicles became the first site to publish what had become a widely circulated rumor. "Star Wars" studio Lucasfilm declined to comment on the report, but Cumberbatch's reps said it was fictitious when reached for comment by the New York Daily News on Sept. 3.

“There is no truth to the rumour (sic) Benedict has been cast in 'Star Wars,'" a spokesperson for Cumberbatch told the New York tabloid. "I think the rumours (sic) are circling because J.J. [Abrams] and Benedict have just recently had a wonderful time working together on 'Star Trek.'"

Case closed, except for this: In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Sept. 11, Cumberbatch said he wasn't sure about "Star Wars," further fueling speculation that he could be involved.

"I don't know. Who knows, who knows? Nothing is known of that," Cumberbatch said when the "Star Wars" rumor was broached by The Hollywood Reporter's Stephen Galloway . "I worked with J.J. [Abrams]. Obviously, he knows. Everyone who wants to be part of that film, they know about."

The film Cumberbatch is part of at the moment is "The Imitation Game," where he stars as famed mathematician Alan Turing. (A first photo from the set can be found here.) For what it's worth, if Cumberbatch does appear in "Episode VII," Latino Review reports that his screen time would be brief, but that the role would expand for "Episode VIII" and "Episode IX."

More "Star Wars" rumors can be found at Latino Review. Fun fact: "Star Wars: Episode VII" doesn't come out for another two years.

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