Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Ad: Matthew Broderick Confirms Self-Doubt; Cameron Cameo Nixed

From its first itty bitty steps into the Twittersphere to a full-blown viral triumph, the Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad-cum-Internet phenomenon has been very well documented.

But despite its ZOMG-It's-Ferris-Beuller! response, the commercial wasn't an immediate sell for its lead, Matthew Broderick.

"It took a little, uh, thinking about it, it took a little time, but I ended up thinking it might be amusing," Broderick told Vulture. Sure, revisiting the actor's most famous role would be a good time but adding the "Hangover" director Todd Phillips helped seal the deal. Still, Broderick said that during the four-day shoot, he was "running around L.A. ... thinking, 'I hope this is a good idea.'"

Despite the fact that Bueller was now promoting a dad-ish vehicle for Honda, the video was gangbusters popular -- who wouldn't enjoy once last romp around town with Ferris? -- for some, however, the ad lacked that anxious je ne sais quoi that Beuller's sidekick Cameron (Alan Ruck) added to the film.

"There was an early iteration of the script with Mr. Ruck where Matthew made a quick call to him. Ultimately there are so many great scenes in the original movie to work from, we needed to streamline the story," RPA executive creative director Joe Baratelli told AdWeek.

Even though Ruck didn't make an appearance -- (Let my Cameron go!) -- it seems his character's point of view has finally rubbed off on Broderick. When asked how it felt to be apart of the viral hit the actor quipped, "I guess I'm part of a virus."

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