Bill Maher To Major Garrett: 'Why Not Just Scream The N-Word?'

After Garrett defends a question as 'provocative.'

Bill Maher isn’t mincing words.

The HBO talk show host blasted CBS News’ Major Garrett on Twitter Wednesday, hours after the White House correspondent asked President Barack Obama a question that, Garrett later said, intended to strike a nerve.

If you want to “strike a nerve” with the president, Maher asked, “why not just scream the N word?

Maher’s tweet comes after Obama rebuked Garrett on Wednesday for asking if the White House was content with an Iranian nuclear deal that didn’t press for the release of four Americans held hostage in the country.

Obama dismissed the question as “nonsense,” telling Garrett he “should know better.”

“Nobody’s ‘content,’” he continued, “and our diplomats and our teams are working diligently to try to get them out.”

Garrett later defended the question, saying he’d intended to be provocative.

Clearly it struck a nerve. That was my intention,” Garrett told CBS anchor Contessa Brewer. “Was it provocative? Yes. Was it intended to be as such? Absolutely.”