01/05/2007 08:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bodega: A New Food Pyramid - Watch and Learn!

When you grow up in New York City, you come to depend on the corner Bodega. You depend on the yellow awning, the obscure and astoundingly cheap "food," and the ease bodegas once allowed you - as a minor - to buy copious amounts of alcohol. You depend on finding these urban convenience stores on every other corner and the possibility their fronting for more nefarious operations. Bodegas are an institution in NYC.foodpyramid7vh6.jpg

When Dallas Penn of suggested we make a new video about Bodegas in the style of our previous collaboration, "Ghetto Big Mac," I believe my exact words were "Hell yes." Rafi Kam of joined Dallas on-camera and we headed to the South Bronx to see where the real bodegas were at. After two days of shooting in "the poorest urban county in the country," and a generous sampling of bodegas and their traditional wares, we had what we needed to produce the video we present to you today.

BODEGA is the search for wholesome satisfaction in what some people might consider the most unlikely of places. While some might scoff at the nutritional fare offered at these urban convenience stores they continue to feed generations of city dwellers by providing the essential staples needed to sustain oneself in the urban environment. Under the yellow awning of the Bronx Bodega, all the important food groups are represented. Join Dallas and Rafi as they illustrate the finer points of the Bodega Food Pyramid. You should never look at a bag of potato chips the same way again.

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Directed by Casimir Nozkowski. Written by and featuring Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam.