07/31/2015 03:34 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2015

Homemade Bumper Device Helps Blind Dog Walk With 'Confidence'

The creators hope others will be inspired to help their disabled pets.

A video featuring a homemade aid for a blind dog has grabbed the Internet's attention -- in part because of the sweet little guy who stars in it.

As shown in the viral clip, the "Bumper Buddy" is a harness with a small hoop at the level of the dog's chest. The ring acts as a buffer as the dog navigates any space. When the bumper hits something, the dog knows to change direction.

The clever gadget gets its name from the demonstration video's adorable pooch, Buddy, who went blind from cataracts.

Jesse, one of Buddy's owners, told The Huffington Post that the device is a "reimagined" do-it-yourself version of halo-style devices on the market and is not for sale. He and his fiancee, Jordan, adapted the design from similar products by placing the ring at chest level in the hope of further protecting Buddy's face, he said. He adapted the harness for Buddy, and the two of them came up with the idea of using a plastic hanger strap as the bumper. (A more detailed how-to explanation can be found here.)

"He continues to use his harness every day and he safely finds his way through the house and can explore again without fear!" Jesse wrote to HuffPost. "He used to shiver in place with his tail tightly tucked beneath him until he got too scared and just laid down waiting for one of us to get him."

On Imgur, Buddy's crew summed up the effectiveness of the device: "We gave him his confidence back!"

"I hope more people can use this idea or purchase a pre-made halo for their dogs to aid them through their disability rather than giving up on them like too many people do," Jesse told HuffPost.