10/22/2006 01:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bush-Hastert Photo-Caption Contest - NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!!!


Well there was a fascinating array of entries. For some reason - perhaps Denny Hastert's resemblance to Monty Python's Mr. Creosote - there was an inordinate number of "fart" jokes. Not that there's anything wrong with those per se. But HuffPo posters at their wittiest soar higher than the average "Terrence & Philip" exchange. And some of the non-flatulent barbs have a sweeter smell of success...

We have whittled down the 205 entries to what we consider to be the best 20 submissions.

Voting is simple. And compared to what will probably happen on November 7th - likely to be moderately accurate.

(The count will be conducted by an independent tabulator who has been recommended to us by a Miss Katherine Harris.)

Just look at the final entries - and cast your vote as a comment. Simply vote for the entry number you think the best.

The poll is open till midnight (Pacific Time) on Tuesday night (October 24th)

Then the votes will be counted and the winner declared on Wednesday morning.

The following 20 finalists are listed here in purely chronological order. Numbered from 1 to 20. There is no implicit or explicit import to the sequence in which they appear.

Remember - vote for just one entry. Submit the entry number (1-20) on a comment to this post.

Here's the photo again:

hastertandbush copy.jpg
(Photo: AP)


Bush: "Keep an eye on Tubby. He just tried to eat Barney..."
(submitted by mhj555)

Back when he coached high school wrestling, Denny inspired literally dozens of young men...
(submitted by Tria)

Bush: "Denny! The question was about a November ELECTION cover-up! Not an ERECTION cover-up!"
(submitted by ronmac)

Bush: "Can you hold it a few minutes longer Denny? I'm almost through."
(submitted by patanderson)

We've secretly replaced Speaker Hastert with dead SNL comedian Chris Farley...Let's see what happens...
(submitted by nokkonwud)

Bush: "Denny, no need to hold your breath, this isn't a fart joke."
(submitted by wocoach)

Bush: "Denny, you kinda look like Dr. Cornelius in that Chuck Heston monkey movie when you're pretendin' to be humble."
(submitted by eventhedogknows)

After swallowing the final bite of the last sandwich, Speaker Hastert eyes President Bush...
(submitted by austinmayor)

Bush: "I'm so damn loaded this podium's the only thing keepin' me on my feet..."
(submitted by quirkysituations)

Hastert, in an embarrassing attempt to hide his erection, now realizes it was a mistake to stand DIRECTLY behind the President.
(submitted by photog606)

Bush: "Denny, you're doing a heckuva job!"
(submitted by elbruce)

President Bush coaxes Dennis Hastert into doing his best Michael Moore impression for the pre-screened crowd...
(submitted by photog606)

"This is certainly a fine mess you've gotten us into Stanley."
"It certainly is, Ollie."

(submitted by rovezaleeker)

Bush: "You better clap, you fat fuck, or you're gonna be WORKING at Denny's..."
(submitted by designer)

Bush: "Look,I don't know which one of you is doing it, but I want to finish this speech without the whispered vocabulary corrections..."
(submitted by JThomasDuffy)

Bush: "What do you MEAN you just remembered someone telling you about it?"
(submitted by MA)

"We're not worried about the election. Republicans have a history of coming from behind..."
(submitted by CUatNuremburg)

Across the room, their eyes met. Something forbidden stirred inside of both men, causing them to re-evaluate their stance on gay marriage...
(submitted by mrturnage)

Bush to Hastert: "Don't what I say sound the least bit applausible to you?"
(submitted by stevemarvin)

Bush: "Oh... You're still here?"
(submitted by gnaham)