Caitlyn Jenner Seems To Finally Be Getting That Trump Is Bad For LGBTQ People

"I was hoping for a lot better than this."

Caitlyn Jenner is once again backtracking on her support of President Donald Trump

The reality star reflected on Trump’s relationship with the LGBTQ community while touring a South Los Angeles clinic that caters to transgender individuals earlier this week. When asked about the president, Jenner told ABC7 Eyewitness News that the Trump administration had become the “worst ever” for LGBTQ rights and that “he has totally, totally disappointed” her.

“I was hoping for a lot better than this, and I was somewhat optimistic and I thought this guy is going to be OK,” she says in the above video. “They’re going to be around for the next almost four years. We just all have to gather together as a community and fight what they’re doing because right now, they are by far the worst administration ever towards the LGBT community and particularly the trans community.”

Jenner supported Trump during the election and continued to advocate for him into the early months of his presidency. After sparking outrage at a number of points ― such as when she wore a “Make America Great Again” hat days after Trump announced a forthcoming transgender military ban ― Jenner has begun to speak out against the administration’s actions.

Trump’s administration has made many displays of anti-LGBTQ sentiments since the president took office, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions undercutting protections for LGBTQ people in a sweeping move last week. The administration also previously rescinded an Obama-era directive that provided protections for trans students in schools and remained silent on Pride month.