Camilia Terry Arrested After Police Find Body Believed To Be Missing Son Emilliano Terry In Ohio Dump

The search for a missing 3-year-old boy ended when officials discovered a child's body -- believed to be him -- in an Ohio waste transfer plant on Monday.

The boy's 20-year-old mother Camilia Terry was arrested shortly after cops discovered the youngster's remains stuffed inside several garbage bags, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Terry called 911 on Sunday afternoon claiming that her middle son Emilliano Terry vanished from the Cleveland playground where she brought him and his two brothers, according to WPTV.

"I'm calling you because I'm at a park and my son is missing," said a distressed Terry to the dispatcher, according to the recording released by police.

She'd looked for him for 15 minutes before calling 911, she claimed. The operator asked if anyone else was around and Terry said no.

Police, however, said later she told them that one of her other sons said he might have seen Emilliano get into a black car.

The search turned to the trash and recycling station after cops saw a garbage truck leaving the Terry family's home. Officers contacted the hauling company to set aside the truck's load. The child's body -- tentatively identified as Emilliano -- was found intact.

Though police provided few details, they claim Terry's version of events was inconsistent. A police official told Fox 8 that Terry failed a polygraph test. The boy's father was quickly ruled out as a suspect in his disappearance.

Authorities are awaiting the results of the medical examiner's autopsy. Terry remains in custody, but had not been charged with a crime yet. Police said she's denied any wrongdoing,



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