07/09/2015 04:32 pm ET

Carli Lloyd Correctly Says She's The Best Player In The World

Game recognize game.

In case you didn't know, Carli Lloyd is part of the U.S. Women's National Team who just won the FIFA Women's World Cup on Sunday. 

Lloyd happened to score three times in the team's 5-2 victory over Japan, becoming the only player to score a hat trick in a Women's World Cup final. England's Geoff Hurst managed to net a hat trick in the men's tournament in 1966, but Lloyd managed to accomplish hers in a historic 16 minutes. Additionally, her first goal in the third minute of the game is also the fastest ever scored in a Women's World Cup final.

Those three goals added to Lloyd's streak of scoring in Team USA's three previous matches in the tournament, making her the only USWNT player to do so.

 So yeah, she's pretty fantastic. Lloyd also recognizes game. Specifically her own.

Appearing on ABC's "Live! with Kelly and Michael" on Thursday, Lloyd, who has quickly become a household name, said after ten years on the squad she's finally reached "best player in the world" status.

"We all have individual goals, and when I got on the national team, one of my goals was to become the best player in the world. And slowly but surely, I think that, you know, I've kind of reached that pinnacle," she said.

Dust your shoulders off, Carli, because we couldn't agree more.  

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