12/16/2015 06:01 am ET

Chocolate Sandwich Recipes, Because You Deserve Them

Don't miss out on the glory.
Half Baked Harvest, How Sweet It Is, Heather Christo, Foodie Crush

News of Japan's single cheese-like chocolate slices have recently taken over the Internet. They are essentially the Kraft singles version of chocolate and make the creation of a grilled chocolate sandwich oh-so easy. While we're happy that Japan gets to enjoy another one of its glorious snack creations, we don't think we should have to miss out on all the fun.

So, to make up for our lack of chocolate slices, we present you with 14 ways you can make the baddest, most decadent chocolate sandwiches with just regular old chocolate -- or sometimes Nutella, because we fancy. These sandwich recipes are true culinary gifts. So put down the cheese, pick up the chocolate and let's make some grilled chocolate sandwiches.

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