04/18/2017 11:46 am ET

Chris Christie Explains His Endorsement Of Donald Trump

He says he still talks to the president once a week.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), who ran in the 2016 Republican primary, finally opened up about why he dropped out of the race and endorsed Donald Trump for president.

“I was doing what I thought was best for the country,” Christie told The New York Times in an interview published Tuesday. “And for me.”

Christie has defended his endorsement before, telling reporters in March he truly thought Trump was the best candidate to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I was standing up there supporting the person who I believe is the best person to beat Hillary Clinton of the remaining Republican candidates, and it’s why I endorsed him,” Christie said then.

Christie served as chair of Trump’s transition team for a time, but distanced himself from the campaign in October 2016. Trump eventually replaced Christie, appointing Vice President-elect Mike Pence to do the job in November.

In March, Trump announced Christie would lead a commission to combat the nation’s opioid crisis.

The New York Times reports Christie still thinks there might be a role for him in Trump’s White House. Christie said he still speaks with the president by phone each week.

Read more of Christie’s interview at The New York Times.



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