Couples Try Watching Porn Together in "My First Time"

First times are a popular YouTube social experiment these days - lesbians touching a penis for the first time, gay men touching boobs for the first time, the list goes on. It's funny and click-baity, sure, but people are also learning more about their own sexualities and thoughts on body image.

That gave LGBT personality and sex-positive YouTuber Davey Wavey an idea: what can these new experiences teach couples about their relationship? And so What's Trending's new series "My First Time" was born.

For our first episode, we rounded up four different couples, some who had been together for years, and had them watch porn together for the first time. Most of them had watched porn when they were alone, but they'd never watched it while their partner was in the room.

That's not awkward!

"Watching porn with your partner may be a great way to try something new," Davey says. "I can't promise that you're going to love it or even like it, but I can promise that you're going to learn a lot about yourself and your relationship."

It turned out the experiment revealed some things they didn't know about each other - what genres turned them on, where on the internet they liked to find their porn (Tumblr is a good source for quality porn these days), even how frequently they indulged in it.

It was a chance for couples to talk about their fantasies and kinks, while acknowledging a worry some might have that porn will lead to unrealistic expectations from their partner, or tempt them to indulge in those fantasies with someone else.

So if you're looking for a different way to get close to your significant other this Valentine's Day, porn might just be a fun option.

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