01/27/2017 06:01 am ET Updated Jan 27, 2017

The Best-Looking Slow Cookers You'll Ever See

If it's going to live on your counter, it may as well be cute, too.

We adore our slow cookers. We love how they keep our winter cocktails warm. We appreciate how they can easily make a great chili, but also know how to whip up dessert. The only thing we don’t love is what an eyesore they can be on our kitchen counters. 

Because the slow cooker is so handy this time of year, we just let it sit on the counter. We see it first thing in the morning when making coffee, and last thing at night when dinner’s done. Staring at this big kitchen appliance made us wonder: are there cute slow cookers out there?

Turns out, yes, there are. And lots of them, too. Which means you can actually slow cook in style ― because why wouldn’t you? 

Here are our 8 favorite slow cookers on the market, based entirely on their aesthetic appeal.