Dancing for Joy Bulgarian Style

05/30/2016 06:34 pm ET Updated May 31, 2017

This clip captures the simple joy of just being out on a Sunday afternoon in Bulgaria. I love the fact that there are songs that mean absolutely nothing to an American like me that get the local crowd, both young and old, jumping onto the dance floor. This one was a real favorite. Enjoying this scene in Sofia, it occurred to me, I didn't need no stinkin' folk show on some tourist stage. This was the real thing. Scenes like this demonstrate that, even in the poorest country in the EU, there's an abundance of joy. And sharing in that joy is one of the beauties of travel.

(Notice also the joyful woman -- who I just had to dance with -- for whom dancing is clearly a fountain of youth.)

This is Day 48 of my 100 Days in Europe series. As I research my guidebooks and make new TV shows, I'm reporting on my experiences and lessons learned in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Romania, and beyond. Find more at blog.ricksteves.com.