07/15/2016 09:44 am ET

Reminder: It's Actually Pretty Easy To Become A Force For Good In This World

There's only one thing it requires.

Daniel Goleman has devoted his career to dissecting complex scientific and psychological issues, like emotional intelligence, brain activity, happiness strategies and the multitude of elements that can predict success. But the science journalist and psychologist says it doesn’t require decades of study or tons of resources to do something as powerful as making the world a better place.

In fact, Goleman explains to Oprah during a conversation for OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” it’s actually so simple to become a force for good in the world that anyone, anywhere can do it.

“Every one of us has something we can do to make the world a better place,” Goleman says. “It might be as simple as spending time with that lonely old lady down the street.”

Certainly, there are larger-scale efforts, Goleman says, such as volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping build houses for the homeless, working to change public policies. Ultimately, though, all it really requires to make a positive impact on the world around you is something you already have at your disposal: thought.

“Each one of us has a lever in the world ― or a set of levers ― that we can use in some way to improve things,” Goleman says. “You just have to think about it. It takes a little mindfulness.”

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