Democratic Senator's Open Letter to his Republican Friends

10/08/2016 12:54 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2016

To My Buddies in the Republican Party,

I am going to vote against Donald Trump twice and you should too. First, I will cast my vote against Trump on November 8th. Then I am going to vote against him with my wallet by boycotting all products and businesses associated with Trump enterprises. I am asking for all of my pals in the GOP to join me.

Let’s be honest, the success of Donald Trump’s primary campaign was based purely upon hyperbole and arrogance. When confronted with facts that show his statements to be false, Trump’s arrogance demanded he double down and insist his lies are actually true. Sure, his supporters love it, but governing requires living in the real world and that is the only way an American President can deliver a record of success.

Donald Trump’s record proves why blue collar voters and blue chip investors alike should avoid this candidate; he didn’t make money supporting small business; he made it by keeping them from collecting what he owed them. There are plenty of stories documenting Trump cheating honest business owners. Sadly, those hoping to invest like Warren Buffet got bamboozled by a man more akin to the Wolf of Wall Street.

There’s a reason no Fortune 100 CEO has donated to Trump’s campaign. Republican national security officials aren’t supporting him either. It’s not because they’re “traitors,” it’s because they’re patriots who know that voting for this nominee is a bad leadership investment. Investments come with risk and they know America’s future cannot be in the hands of someone with a proven track record of failure and indecency. As Secretary Clinton said Monday, “what kind of genius loses $1B in a year?” I say this to my GOP friends and colleagues, if your fingerprints are on his campaign then your reputation is your investment and that investment reflects poorly.

In addition to his financial record, we’re being subjected to an endless parade of evidence of Trump’s horrible judgement and his abusive personality. Donald has showcased the worst possible attributes of a wealthy white man. Friday’s revelation shows a 60-year-old man boasting of his sexual predations. This is one more example of how awful he is and this is one more reason my GOP friends should abandon their nominee.

Shortly after the election, I expect the court of public opinion will return a verdict of guilty for Donald Trump and I don’t want any of you to be convicted with him. My suggestion is to recognize that Trump is going to lose this election and shortly thereafter the public will place his story in the company of Enron and Bernie Madoff.

Therefore, take your vote and your integrity and think about how you want to work on our country now and your party later. You won’t be alone; Sen. Flake and George Will and many others have already taken a stand. If Trump suffers a heavy-handed defeat, this will be even easier.

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