Donald Trump - Stand Up Comic?

Maybe it's time for Donald Trump to retire from politics to pursue a career in comedy. Transitioning from presidential candidate and to stand up comedian is not that far of a stretch.

Here are just a few reasons why Donald Trump would feel more at home at an open-mic night than in the White House.

1. He loves talking about his penis on stage in front of an audience of strangers. This is crucial.

2. He manages to project confidence and deep insecurity simultaneously while appearing larger than life and smaller at the same time.

3. He's a master of crowd work. No one knows how to work a crowd like Trump. Say what you will about him as candidacy, but even his opponents would admit he's always got a zinger for a heckler.

4. There's an inherent misogyny lurking beneath the surface of most male comedians. Trump keeps his on his sleeve.

5. Comedy isn't pretty, it's ugly. And that just so happens to be Trump's defining characteristic.