04/21/2017 06:01 am ET

22 Lobster Recipes You Really Can (And Should) Make At Home

Because you deserve it.

The hardest part about making lobster at home is the price. But if you should happen to come across some tails on sale ― and that does happen more often than you might think ― seize them. Because this shellfish can easily be turned into a delicious meal that, yes, even you can make.

The second hardest thing about making lobster is getting the live beast into the pot. No one likes the task of adding these suckers to the boiling water, but you should know that high-pitched noise they’re making is not a scream. And, there’s a more humane way to do it ― you just need a very sharp knife and a shot of courage.

The easiest part about making lobster is turning it into a tasty meal, and we’re about to help with that with these 22 must-try lobster recipes.