06/26/2017 04:26 pm ET

#EmbraceTheLatinx Is An All-Inclusive Tribute To Latinos' Many Identities

Because nobody puts baby in a box.

There is a seemingly infinite amount of diversity within the Latino community, and #EmbraceTheLatinx wants to highlight that.

The hashtag was recently revived by Twitter user Kayla Rodriguez on June 15, when she shared a few photos of herself in celebration of Pride Month. The use of Latinx is significant, as many in the community prefer the term because it is gender-neutral and more inclusive of various identities. 

“I didn’t create the hashtag but I wanted to make it popular,” the 20-year-old Puerto Rican told HuffPost. “In the age of Trump, I feel like it’s more important to embrace our ethnicity than ever before. To me, #EmbraceTheLatinx means that we are celebrating and being proud of our ethnicity.”

In recent weeks, several other Latinxs began using the hashtag to show that the Latino identity is not limited by sexual orientation, gender, race or nationality. Many proudly identified as trans, bisexual, lesbian and gay. Others used the hashtag to show that Latinxs come “in all shades.”

“I feel proud that other people are embracing their heritage and celebrating it,” added Rodriguez, who identifies as a lesbian.

Check out some of the tweets from proud Latinxs below.