12/15/2016 03:58 pm ET

23 Gifts That Empower Kids To Take Over The World

These gifts are worth more than the dollar amount on their price tags.

The value of a gift is often much more than what’s on its price tag. 

For kids especially, gifts can have a major impact. Certain toys, clothes and books inspire children to be strong and kind, follow their dreams and embrace who they are.

We’ve rounded up some examples in honor of the holiday season. Without further ado, here are 23 gifts that empower kids to love themselves and make the world a better place.

  • "Embrace Your Inner Superhero" Shirt
    $16, Spillthebeans, etc.&nbsp;<a href="" target="
    Etsy/spillthebeans, etc
    $16, Spillthebeans, etc. Buy here.
  • "Rad Women Worldwide" Book
    $12.34, Random House. <a href="
    Random House
    $12.34, Random House. Buy here.
  • "It's Cool To Be Kind" Shirt
    $20, lovEqualityApparel. <a href="
    $20, lovEqualityApparel. Buy here.
  • "Si Se Puede" Art Print
    $5, Great Joy Creative. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy h
    $5, Great Joy Creative. Buy here.
  • Inspiring Icon Finger Puppets
    $8.99 and up,&nbsp;The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. <a href="
    The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
    $8.99 and up, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Buy here.
  • Superhero Cape
    $55, Lovelane Designs. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    lovelane designs
    $55, Lovelane Designs. Buy here.
  • "Future Girl Boss" Onesie
    $16, Spillthebeans, etc. <a href="" target="_bl
    $16, Spillthebeans, etc. Buy here.
  • Doc McStuffins Doll
    $13.99, Disney Junior. <a href="
    $13.99, Disney Junior. Buy here.
  • "Mixed Me!" Book
    $17.99, Macmillan. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    $17.99, Macmillan. Buy here.
  • Princess Awesome Coloring Book
    $6.50, Princess Awesome. <a href=""
    Princess Awesome
    $6.50, Princess Awesome. Buy here.
  • "Future President" Onesie
    $11.99, Inktastic Inc. <a href="" target="_blank">Bu
    $11.99, Inktastic Inc. Buy here.
  • Invention Design Studio Kit
    $20, Uncommon Goods. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    Uncommon Goods
    $20, Uncommon Goods. Buy here.
  • "Black Girl Magic" Sticker
    $2.60, Cozy Tees Buffalo.&nbsp;<a href="
    $2.60, Cozy Tees Buffalo. Buy here.
  • Wonder Crew Doll
    $44.99, Wonder Crew. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    Wonder Crew
    $44.99, Wonder Crew. Buy here.
  • "Future Whatever I Want To Be" Shirt
    $14.50, Catch A Wave Designs. <a href="" target="_
    $14.50, Catch A Wave Designs. Buy here.
  • Personalized Storybook Adventure Pillow
    $120, Patricia Carlin.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_b
    Uncommon Goods
    $120, Patricia Carlin. Buy here.
  • Pi Headband
    $11.95, Princess Awesome. <a href="" target="_b
    Princess Awesome
    $11.95, Princess Awesome. Buy here.
  • 'Formation' Art Print
    $17, Society6. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    $17, Society6. Buy here.
  • Turn Your Kids' Drawings Into Masterpieces
    $28 and up, I Love My Kids' Art. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    I Love My Kids' Art
    $28 and up, I Love My Kids' Art. Buy here.
  • "Free To Wear Pink" Shirt
    $22, Quirkie Kids. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy her
    Quirkie Kids
    $22, Quirkie Kids. Buy here.
  • IAmElemental Action Figures
    $24.99 and up, IAmElemental. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    $24.99 and up, IAmElemental. Buy here.
  • "A is for Activist" Book
    $9.99, Triangle Square. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy here.</a>
    Triangle Square
    $9.99, Triangle Square. Buy here.
  • Motivational Shirt
    $20, lovEqualityApparel. <a href="" target="_bl
    $20, lovEqualityApparel. Buy here.


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