08/23/2011 05:15 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

'Entourage' Star Jeremy Piven To Produce Reality Show, 'Blow'

If there's one thing "Entourage" character Ari Gold could do it was sell.

Though the beloved bro-centered show is coming to an end, it looks like Jeremy Piven has picked up a few tricks of his character's trade.

Deadline reports that Piven's production company, Luscious Mayhem, has partnered with Bischoff Hervey Entertainment for a new reality project, the very titillating-titled, "Blow."

Of course, the synopsis is not necessarily as salacious: The show follows New Orleans glassblower Josh Cohen and his team as they navigate their demanding clientele.

Well, certainly Piven's penchant for wit won't stop at the title.

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