Eurovision 2017 - Belarus' Entry

04/18/2017 07:01 am ET

Belarus is sending Naviband with their entry Story of My Life. Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk make up Naviband. Artem, 24, is a journalist and professional guitar and piano player. Ksenia is 25 and a vocalist. Naviband have been performing since 2013 and in 2014 they received their first award for the single Abdymi Mine at the National Music Awards in Belarus. The song was nominated for Best Song of the Year in Belarusian.

Naviband have recorded three studio albums and toured extensively in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2016, they presented the official anthem of the Belarusian national football team, Naperad Belakrylyja. Naviband won the right to represent Belarus in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest after winning the national selection earlier this year. Their entry, Story of My Life, will be the first entry for Belarus that will be performed in Belarusian.

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