Foley: President Bush "Got Me Way Into Biking"...

Excerpt from the October 8, 2006 US News & World Report Column 'Washington Whispers:'

Bush to Foley: Do You Clip In?

Former Rep. Mark Foley, the Florida Republican at the center of the page E-mail scandal, shared a passion for bicycling with President Bush. In fact, it was Bush's obsession with spokes and pedals that pushed Foley into the sport. "He's got me way into biking," the now disgraced Foley once told us. The Bush-Foley bike chats inspired Foley to buy three cycles, which he used to ride on Washington's network of paths. And it didn't end there. When Bush asked him if he "clipped in," Foley went out and got those special cleated shoes that click into pedals.

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