06/26/2017 02:43 pm ET

How Landmarks Around The World Got All Dressed Up For Pride

It's lit. 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈

This year’s pride month has already blessed us with jubilant celebrations and heartwarming stories. And naturally, it’s going out with a colorful bang. 

People came out in colorful droves to celebrate pride over the weekend, many sporting the rainbow flag designed by Gilbert Baker in 1965 at the request of Harvey Milk. Some events were rebranded as resistance marches due in part to rising fears of how the LGBTQ community will be impacted by the policies of President Donald Trump, who has yet to acknowledge pride month

But humans weren’t the only ones dressed up. Buildings and landmarks around the world got dolled up for the occasion, too. The Empire State Building was lit up in rainbow colors in New York City, while city halls, baseball stadiums and bridges got in on the fun, too. Check out the ways cities around the world lit up to honor pride: