08/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

GM Unhappy With New Buick Ads: Report (VIDEO, POLL)

What image should the bailed-out General Motors project to the world?

AutoBlog passes along a report from Automotive News (subscription required) that GM's VP of marketing Bob Lutz is already unhappy with new Buick ads that are aimed at young, hip buyers. Here's AutoBlog:

"Both Lutz and GM CEO Fritz Henderson don't believe the commercial positions Buick as a luxury brand that competes with Lexus. They have told GM's ad agency, Leo Burnett, that it needs to do better. However -- and here's where it gets convoluted -- the ad was created by an independent shop that Leo Burnett was told to hire to do the work."

The ad, a spoof on a beach side photo shoot, features a pretentious director who says of the Buick, "She's had work done." Later in the spot, the director addresses the car: "You've changed - and I love it!"

What do you think of the ad? Is this the right image for Buick as a brand? Will these ads help the brand compete with Lexus? Should GM be worried? WATCH and VOTE below:

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