03/17/2016 05:29 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2016

Google: $100,000 Says You Can’t Hack A Chromebook Remotely

Attention, hackers!

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Google is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can hack a Chromebook while it's in guest mode.

Google is hoping to bait the world's top hackers with a $100,000 reward for hacking one of the company's Chromebooks remotely.

The technology giant announced their six-digit prize Monday, doubling the amount offered last year after failing to receive a successful submission.

In a blog post titled "Get Rich or Hack Tryin'," Google said the aim is to reward researchers who find and report security issues.

The one catch is that the laptop computer must be in guest mode at the time of the security breach. (They'd also like it if it's your personal computer and not someone else's.)

The challenge is one of several posted on its Chrome Rewards page, which offers prizes starting at $500.

Those who don’t want a monetary reward have the option of donating the money to an established charity. In those situations, the prize money will be doubled.

Google said it paid researchers more than $2 million last year for their work reporting on security bugs.


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