Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Single Mom

05/05/2016 09:14 am ET Updated Dec 09, 2016

Mother’s Day is coming and if you’re a newly single mom, then there are a ton of things you need…besides a good man! As a single mother with two small children (which I was for 5 years) I was strapped for time, money, and rest. So naturally, I loved gifts that made my life easier, pampered me, or saved me money. Here are ten of my gift giving ideas for the single mom:

  1. A toaster oven. Saves on heating a large oven. Be sure to get one with an automatic shut off feature. Take it from one who knows how to burn things!
  1. Starbucks gift cards. I was too poor to justify the splurge...loved treating the kids to hot chocolate.
  2. Quality dinners already prepared. Such a time saver.
  3. New slippers and a bathrobe. Made me feel spoiled after a hot bath.
  4. Lawn mowing service for a month. Coming home from work on Fridays I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Sets the tone for the whole weekend.
  5. Housekeeper or handyman for a day. Crazy talk now. This is over the top!
  6. Fresh flowers. Brought me peace and made me remember that my ex was a loser for never bringing me any.
  7. Groceries delivered. Shut up and get out!
  8. A manicure or pedicure. Aw the sweet life.
  9. A massage. Pack up your troubles and just smile, smile, smile.

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