Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Chinese Detox

It seems allergy season has hit Gwyneth hard. She writes in her latest GOOP newsletter:

This week, Adele Reising shares thoughts on spring from a Chinese medical perspective and provides tips for those of us who are suffering from allergies.


Here are a few of Adele's tips for starting spring detoxed and full of energy:

- Try getting up just before dawn, when the black night sky slowly turns to blue. The sun rises in the East, and the blue color of dawn opens to our eyes and we experience the new day. Spring is like this.

- If you are an allergy sufferer, I recommend avoiding mucus producing foods, such as dairy, wheat, sugar, and cold raw foods and also taking a probiotic.

- Go to my website and check out the yeast free diet. If you follow it for about 6 weeks, you will lose a little unwanted winter weight, avoid the misery of allergy season and also detox naturally and be ready to bloom in the summer months. This diet cleans out the lymphatic system and calms down the immune system naturally.

- Licorice and mung bean do detox well, especially the mung bean, which is used to purge toxins in liver. Doing this kind of simple detox several times a week, one's immune system will become much stronger and in so doing prevent one from getting the spring cold.