09/30/2015 03:58 pm ET

31 Halloween Costumes For Boys That Go Beyond Superheroes

So many fun, out-of-the box ideas!

Looking at the aisles of costume stores, boys may feel like they're only supposed to dress up monsters or superheroes for Halloween. But as the moms and dads of sons in the HuffPost Parents Facebook community show, little boys have wild imaginations that go beyond Batman. Some boys choose to dress up as surgeons or animals, while others may want to be TV or movie characters.

Here are 31 creative costumes from HuffPost readers' sons -- ranging from pirate to Oompa Loompa to Princess Elsa. Because after all, boys like "Frozen," too.

  • 1 Fish Tank
    Haley Potter Thompson
  • 2 Lion
    Trish Roy
  • 3 The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George
    Tracey Jackson Haman
  • 4 Gizmo from Gremlins
    Sharon Cuccia
  • 5 Surgeon
    Melanie Whelchel
  • 6 Garth from Wayne's World
    Emily Greener Erickson
  • 7 Rocket Ship
    Tracy Samek
  • 8 Pinocchio
    Brittney Pettus
  • 9 Chameleon
    Sarah Steele
  • 10 Ewok
    Laura Karwoski
  • 11 Finn from 'Adventure Time' and Dumbledore
    Brooke Fiddaman
  • 12 Rainbow Princess
    An Ka
  • 13 Lego
    Heather Cantos
  • 14 Pebbles and Dino
    Melanie Campbell
  • 15 Gordon and His Tender
    Jillian Snyder
  • 16 Princess Elsa
    Jamie Lynn Stephen
  • 17 Pirate
    Andrea Gillespie Callaham
  • 18 Prince Charming
    Sandra Angel
  • 19 Gnome
    Mindy Leslie
  • 20 Buzz Lightyear
    Sharon Briggs
  • 21 Hot Dog Man
    Ana Karina
  • 22 Ooompa Loompa
    Dana Lindsey Ming
  • 23 Dee Snyder
    Amy Toko Hatmaker
  • 24 Minecraft Player
    Cyndie Adams
  • 25 Charlie Brown
    Alyssa Beirne
  • 26 Owl and Bear
    Anita Lichman
  • 27 Hairy Beastman
    Jools Gilbo
  • 28 NASA Rocket Scientist
    Wendi States
  • 29 Peter Pan
    Camille Brashears

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