Harry Styles, Rita Ora Get Close At Brit Awards Concert (PHOTOS)

Harry Styles seems to be moving on from his breakup with Taylor Swift by partying it up across the pond.

Styles and Ora were spotted getting close at the Brit Awards Concert, featuring Muse, on Monday night. The two mingled in the VIP area as Ora's supermodel best friend, Cara Delevingne, stood nearby, according to the Mirror.


"Harry Styles turned up a bit late for the gig but joined right in, cozying up to Rita Ora," a source told OMG! Yahoo! U.K.

Delevingne, who reportedly used to date Styles, recently opened up about the One Direction romance rumors.

"Er, nothing? Who’s Harry? Who are you talking about? Which one? The Prince? I’m joking. JOKING. Or the other one?" the 20-year-old quipped to LOVE magazine. "That was just a rumour, they both were. Both Harrys, just rumours. Do rumours have to be not real? I don’t know."

She continued, "I know Harry [Styles], he’s a good friend of mine, you know, it was... the whole thing is that everyone’s been linked to him. Alexa [Chung], Pixie [Geldof], we’ve all been around him and then, 'Aah, they’re going out.'"

Styles' flirty nature has gotten the boy bander in trouble before. His wandering eye has been cited as one of the reasons behind his split from country crooner Taylor Swift, whom he broke up with in early January. Swift reportedly believed Styles cheated on her during their two-month courtship, according to RadarOnline. She was never able to fully trust the One Direction singer, who is described as a "big flirt" who "loves the ladies."

Even though Swift mocked him on stage at the 2013 Grammy Awards, these days Styles says he is is doing "good."


harry styles rita ora

harry styles rita ora



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