This Footage Of Bees Having Sex Is... Aggressive

Oh, honey!

Insects are equal parts fascinating and terrifying, so when we come across them, we’re conflicted on how to feel. Do we sit and watch, or run away in horror?

In the case of this video of two long-horned bees getting, uh, horny, the insects are far too intriguing for us to look away, so we’ve been watching it on repeat.

Arthropod macrophotographer Karla Thompson told Gizmodo she filmed this up-close-and-personal bee sex a month ago. She detailed what’s happening in the clip in a Patreon post::

During the session the male would use his legs to softly stroke the female’s sides. During actual penetration, the female would throw her legs up and struggle to dislodge the male. This is when the male would reach out with his extra long antennae and curl them around the female’s antennae rhythmically stroking upward in what seems to be a pacifying gesture.

Whoa. Bees are veritable wonders of the world.

(H/T Gizmodo)



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