Hey Bill O'Reilly, Sticks And Stones Baby

Don't be angry about Bill O'Reilly comparing our friend and masthead mistress Arianna to the "Nazis" -- really don't.

Because in doing so, Captain Sex Scandal has shown, once again, just how far the right has fallen. Captain Courage is proving what real Republicans and real Conservatives are thinking, it's going to be years, decades before the Republican Party is a real part of ideas, and leaders (a concept by the way, I have no issue with, we need real Republicans back in Washington, D.C. -- seriously)

Now, don't misunderstand me, do I think that FOX News is effective? Absolutely. Do I think we can lose The White House again? Sadly, yes. But for right now, rejoice in Bill's comments last night, because like George Bush playing soldier, or Freedom's Watch playing politics, Bill O'Reilly exposed himself (I wonder if that violates his lawsuit settlement) as the moron he truly is.

Because of all the people to compare to a Nazi, he picked someone who actually has experience with real Nazis. Arianna is a remarkable woman, one of my favorite people in the world, and she has faced life's successes and disappointments with courage and fearlessness, and a remarkable accent we all love.

Her courage comes from her mother, who I am sad I never met, and who in Greece during World War II stood outside her house and faced down Nazi soldiers to protect the occupants of the house. Can you imagine the strength, the courage that took?

Arianna's courage comes from a mother who stood up when others would have run, a single Greek woman who faced down real Nazis, real soldiers with real guns, real Nazis who killed millions of innocent people and came close to destroying our world, not blowhards with a falafel.

Fire away Billy, I promise you that Arianna can take all you can dish out, and a hell of a lot more.