Hilary Duff Says Her Wedding Was A Disaster (VIDEO)

Actress, singer and best-selling author Hilary Duff might have gotten married to hockey player Mike Comrie more than a year ago, but the mom-to-be was willing to share why the happiest day of her life was a total disaster.

Duff told talk show host Chelsea Handler she actually lost a tooth on her wedding day.

"First of all I lost my tooth ... I was eating a bagel," she explained. "You know you starve yourself before your wedding ... Well I was like I'm going to eat a bagel first thing, I'm getting married in the evening but I have been so good it's not going to stick between [now and the wedding]. So I'm just chowing down on a bagel, a nice soft bagel and I spit my tooth out in my hand."

Luckily the 24-year-old didn't have to walk down the aisle missing a tooth, she told Chelsea her wedding planner saved the day by hooking her up with the best dentist in the area.

Even with that crisis averted Hilary's big day still didn't go exactly as planned.

Hilary explained that her outdoor wedding was being ruined by the tons of paparazzi in helicopters trying to get pictures of the ceremony.

So of course, her pastor, "steps out from underneath the little flowered arbor thing, and holds up like a fake Uzi or like a big gun .... and starts [pretending to blast] at the paparazzi right in front of our guests!"

The former Disney star laughed about it with Handler, but she didn't find it quite so funny at the time.

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