How to Spring Back After Being Overlooked for a Job Promotion

03/22/2017 09:10 am ET

You put in long hours and gave it your all, but when it was time to move into the corner office, you found you were staying put. Being passed up for a promotion can be devastating but here are some expert tips on how to gracefully put disappointment behind you and stay on track.

1. Remain Positive

Attitude is everything! It’s understandable you may be frustrated, but lashing out at your co-workers or supervisor is not the appropriate answer to the problem. A negative reaction could land you out the door. Make every effort to show you are a valuable member of the team by supporting the person who got promoted.

2. Communicate

Don’t let your disappointment stew inside you. Request a conversation with your supervisor and ask what you can do to move up the ladder. Avoid putting them on the spot or becoming defensive when discussing why they went a different direction.

3. Avoid a Gut Reaction

Overreacting may lead you to do something you later regret. It is best to avoid making any big decisions until you think through your next steps. Walking into your supervisor’s office and handing in your resignation will backfire if you don’t have a plan B.

It’s important to note that getting passed over for a promotion is not necessarily a direct reflection of you. There may be circumstances you are unaware of. Unless this is your second or third attempt at the same promotion, aim to impress for the next time around.

4. Take Time for Yourself

Hit the pause button and surround yourself with family and friends that uplift you. Focus on the positives in your life and start back to work with a fresh perspective. Sometimes we all need a short break to regroup and clear our heads. Use a weekend or take a day or two off when you aren't working on a project or deadline.

5. Set Milestones

Understand you are still in the game and you may just need a new game plan. Set goals and consider sharing them with your supervisor or co-worker. Ask for suggestions from mentors and professionals who inspire you. Find an accountability partner and meet regularly.

6. Remain in the Forefront

Actions speak louder than words! The perfect time to show you are a dedicated employee is now. Stay involved in the office and continue to demonstrate you are invested in your job. Express interest in new duties and responsibilities and volunteer to take on new projects. If you see a problem, find a few potential solutions you can suggest at the next staff meeting. Offer to help resolve the issue.

7. Evaluate Your Workplace Relationships

Water cooler talk can be a great way to get to know your co-workers but be careful of sharing too much. A daily meetup can quickly turn into a gossip session. When you are looking to stand out as a leader, avoid stepping over the line from friendly conversation to gossip.

8. Set the Example

Simple behaviors go a long way. Everyone gets stuck in traffic or has a bad morning but leave the drama at the door. Life can often be challenging but keep your attitude positive and show your boss you can handle stress. Fine tune your skills and your mindset. A positive demeanor is contagious and conveys confidence and stability.

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