09/28/2015 03:20 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2015

'My Mom Is Worth Millions: Is Her Husband A Catch Or A ‘Catfish’?'

Deanna was on a family vacation in Malaysia when she met James, a Nigerian whom she later married -- even though she lives in Canada and he's in Nigeria. 

In their six years of marriage, Deanna says she has visited James eight or nine times, but he has been unable to come to Canada because, she says, he was denied a visitor's visa. She estimates that she has spent up to $500,000 on travel, some gifts like jewelry and watches, and sending some cash. "To me, that's not high. That number doesn't jar me," says Deanna, who is a successful business owner.  

"There's no doubt that if the Canadian government could see us together, they would believe that our marriage is definitely real. I want to get to be with my husband," Deanna says in the video above. "I want us to be a normal man and wife." 

But Deanna's son and brother say they believe she is being “scammed,” which both Deanna and James vehemently deny. "He's living like a king in a third-world country. I see Mom being James' cash cow, and he knows it," says her son, Jordan. "He's going to keep that coming as long as he can."  

Why does James have passports with different ages and names? What do Deanna and James' marriage documents reveal? See what Dr. Phil uncovers and how Deanna responds when the marriage she describes as "perfect" may not be what it seems. 

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