12/18/2006 10:29 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

I Fubared Iraq

I can't believe how dumb I am.

I really and truly believed that between the "thumping" the Republicans got in the election, the release of proposals from the Iraq Study Group and a new Secretary of Defense, that even this administration would have to listen and begun to face the reality of the disaster in Iraq.

I really and truly believed that the Democratic leadership would read the results of the elections properly - and push every single day to end the war when they read statements from Britian's inquiry into the war when one expert stated that Iraq's military threat came down to 12 or so unaccounted Scud missiles.

I even thought that that the political pressure would be such that in the end Iraq would not be the issue in 2008 that it would have been if the Democrats had not regained control of Congress. I really thought the country was moving to a resolution.

I am complete idiot.

It's not like I haven't had plenty of experience watching just how completely out of touch this administration is with the country, the truth and reality. And watching Democrats capitulate.

After all, this is the same administration that flat out refused to have a 9/11 Commission. Then when forced to have one - didn't cooperate. Then President Bush thanked the commission for their hard work and didn't implement the recommendations.

Because they just want to pretend to be the party of keeping America safe from terrorism because that wins elections - but God forbid, they actually do anything.

Why would I think the Iraq Study Group would be any different? It really was nothing more than window dressing commission, the sequel.

Except this time, it's actually worse because the administration says its recommendations are unrealistic and impractical. There is no chance of them using the lifeline.

Nor is there a chance of the administration listening to the military leaders or anyone for that matter.

Here's some quotes from recent news stories.

"Officials said that the options being considered include the deployment of upward of 50,000 additional soldiers, but the political, training and recruiting obstacles to an increase larger than 20,000 to 30,000 would be prohibitive."

President Bush went to a 90 minute meeting at the Pentagon, and heard lots of ideas, including General George Casey's preference, which has "stressed stepping up the training of Iraqi forces and handing off to them as soon as possible."

Bush's response? "I reject those ideas."

It's full steam over the cliff and now, in the lessons unlearned department, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, Senator Harry Reid has given his support to a short term increase of troops.


Enough is enough. The only way to end the war over there is to keep fighting here.

They have put their cards on the table. They're doubling down. With the lives of Americans.

We haven't slowed or stopped a damn thing.

I should have known better.