Early Adopters Get Screwed -- Throw Away Your iPads

With the announcement of the iPad 2, fellow CyberFreak Molly Peterson now has official bragging rights. On our pop + tech podcast panning the iPad when it first came out, Molly said, "Those first adopters... always get screwed by Apple."

Well, according to Discover Magazine tech blog, the first adopters have been grumbling "and were left wondering what they paid so much money for."

And who can blame them? The iPad 2 is skinnier, lighter, and allows you to take and edit video -- all for the price they paid for their iPad 1.

As for myself, I'm not shelling out five hundred bucks for a device that does all the things my phone can already do -- until it includes... well... a phone in the package. That way I can pull out the iPhad (cross between iPhone and iPad) on public transit and talk really loudly like my fellow commuters do.


And how much more thrilling to shout that into a sleek 9.5 x 7.3 inch device?

Watch Molly's prediction of a year ago in the movie below: