iPhone 4S Speed Test: How It Stacks Up Against iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, Galaxy Nexus And More (VIDEOS)

Sure the iPhone 4S has a "brilliant" camera, a "magic" voice-recognition A.I., and an operating system that is "more polished and feature-complete than it has ever been," but what about speed?

According to Wired's Brian X. Chen, the 4S's new dual-core A5 chip means that "everything from typing to sending a text, and from powering on the phone to taking a photo is zippier." Daring Fireball's John Gruber wrote that the improved speed was especially evident in the new iPhone's camera, "The most profound difference between the 4S and 4 cameras has nothing to do with image quality. It's that you don't have to wait nearly as long." MG Siegler at TechCrunch went so far as to say "the iPhone 4S blows away the iPhone 4 when it comes to speed."

According to, the Galaxy Nexus, which was announced by Samsung last week, and is probably the only recent phone to get even close to as much hype as the 4S, has a 1.2GHz processor. This could put the Nexus at an advantage over the 4S, whose processor is only 1GHz. Although they're quick to point out that "performance can be defined by more than just cores and speed."

To see for yourself how the iPhone 4S stacks up to the Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and more check out our slideshow below.

Smartphone Speed Test: See How Your Phone Stacks Up