iPhone Crack (OS 4.0)

The wait it over. Your crack has arrived. iPhone OS 4.0 can be downloaded here. You'll need to link your "device id" to a developer's account, which according to this post, you can do by emailing: wynndc AT yahoo . com.

So now you too can zoom in to capture that priceless kitten video you've been meaning to upload, multi-task while crossing the street, get your ads 24/7, spell chck ur stoopid txts, and all kinds of other cool stuff we'll soon be unable live without!

For too long our not-so-smart phones have forced us to play games with people we actually know. Finally we can play games with exotic strangers in remote locations while driving our cars.

According to Megaleecher.net, "Apple has made the beta" OS 4.0 available to Apple registered developers. But "the adventurous users" can "download iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 1 as it is now leaked and posted on internet by iModZone.net."

Get all the info here.