J Balvin Wants To Bring Latino Culture To The World With 'Mi Gente'

The Colombian artist is hoping to erase “barriers of races, colors, continents, genres or languages.”

J Balvin’s new single is all about his people. 

The Colombian superstar released the music video for “Mi Gente” featuring French artist Willy William on Tuesday. The colorful video, which features dance moves from Italian millionaire and Instagram sensation Gianluca Vacchi, surpassed 4 million views in its first eight hours. 

Balvin’s lyrics point to the artist’s desire to dominate the global charts, while uniting fans across the globe with an infectious beat. 

“My music doesn’t discriminate against anyone,” he says at the beginning of the song. Later adding that his people move and “the world loves us, and they love me.” 

And that unifying message is intentional, as the singer hopes to bring Latino music and culture to the world. 

″‘Mi Gente’ is a song that embodies a special moment in music - a new sound of a Latino culture on the rise and being embraced globally,” Balvin wrote. “By erasing barriers of races, colors, continents, genres or languages, we can achieve the whole world moving their head to the same beat. We hope ‘Mi Gente’ can provide that beat.”

The new song gives off an eclectic vibe similar to the one in Balvin’s hit “Safari,” which he released in collaboration with Pharrell Williams in September. The music video for that hit currently has over 592 million views on YouTube.