11/17/2014 05:50 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2014

Katherine Heigl Opens Up About Her Alleged Feud With Shonda Rhimes

Robin Marchant via Getty Images

Katherine Heigl really doesn't want to fight with Shonda Rhimes. Speaking to Mario Lopez on "Extra," the actress addressed comments Rhimes recently made to the Hollywood Reporter insinuating that she was difficult to work with" on "Grey's Anatomy."

"The last one with Shonda… it sucks," Heigl said. "I am sorry that she feels that way and I wish her nothing but greatness, and I have nothing negative to say about Shonda. I'm a big fan of her work. I watch 'Scandal' every week, and so I'm sorry she's left with such a crappy impression of me. I wish I could do something to change that. Maybe I will be able to someday.”

In the Hollywood Reporter interview, Rhimes subtly criticized Heigl by praising the smooth production of her hit show "Scandal," with the comment, "There are no Heigls in this situation."

Heigl recently commented on infamous rumors that she's rude during a Facebook Q&A about her upcoming drama "State of Affairs."

Yeah I've heard those too...honestly I don't think I am...nothing makes me more uncomfortable than confrontation or hurting someone's feelings and I would never, ever actively do so on purpose. Of course just like any human being I've made mistakes and unwittingly or carelessly spoken or acted but I always try to make any wrong right. That doesn't mean I won't stand up for myself by drawing boundaries and asking to be treated kindly and respectfully but I don't do that with any rude or unkind intentions just with the same strength and honesty I think every one of us is entitled to.

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