Kristen Schubert, Colorado Teen, Takes Justin Bieber Cutout To Prom (PHOTO)

If Justin Bieber was your boyfriend, he'd never let you go to prom alone.

Unfortunately, if you're not Selena Gomez, the Biebs can be hard to get a hold of. But that didn't stop Kristen Schubert from taking the pop sensation to her high school dance.

The teen created a Justin Bieber cutout and took the cardboard creation to the Grand Valley High school prom in Parachute, Colo., ABC 7News reports.

Girls went gaga over Schubert's special prom date, and the extra attention didn't give the couple much alone time.

"When his new song 'Boyfriend' came on a huge group of people came over and started dancing with us," Schubert told ABC 7News. "I don't even know how many people took our picture and how many people wanted pictures with him."

According to Denver's 9 News, the senior tried to get Bieber's attention with a letter and a faxed request to his record label. The proposals went unanswered, so Schubert did what she considered the next best thing.

The whole event goes to show that "your dreams can come true with a little ingenuity," Gather News' Mia Meadows observes.

It almost goes without saying that Schubert wasn't the only one to ask the teen heartthrob to prom, though, perhaps surprisingly, she wasn't the only student to boogie down with a life-size cutout of her ideal date.

Iowa teen Rachel Bird went arm in arm with a replica of NFL star Tim Tebow.

Like Schubert, Bird took matters into her own hands after her request for date with the New York Jets player went unanswered.

“I think more people took their picture with Tim than they did with me,” Bird told the Des Moines Register after the dance.

Both ladies had a wonderful time at their proms, but only one question remains: Who would be crowned Prom King? Cutout Biebs or Cardboard Timmy?