10/02/2017 09:00 am ET

The Best Stank Faces on Instagram

Let your stank face shine!

It’s happened to all of us: we’re poised to take a lovely, smiling photo, when disaster strikes just as the flash goes off. It could be caused by the onset of a sneeze, an unpleasant surprise, or any number of things. There’s no avoiding it ― you’ve just fallen victim to Stank Face.

It may not be quite the headshot you were hoping for, but there’s no denying that a little bit of stank can be hilarious ― more than 200,000 #stankface posts on Instagram can’t be wrong.

In recognition and celebration of the fact that the stank comes for us all at one time or another, in many beautiful forms, we’ve partnered with Tidy Cats to round up the best Insta-stanks on the web in all their glory. We’ve captured a handful of funny folks and some feline friends ― because who can master disdain better than a catty kitty? So scroll on, and be prepared to turn that stank upside down.

  • The Stanky Smooch Face
    Photo courtesy of @sheila.e.fryson_31.
  • The Stanky Sourpuss
    Photo courtesy of @twocats.onetail.
  • The Can You Even Stanking Believe It?
    Photo courtesy of @adjmccluney.
  • The Sudden Downpour Stank
    Photo courtesy of kymberleygiglio.
  • The Rock 'N Stank
    Photo courtesy of @timothy_myles615.
  • The Twinning Stank
    Photo courtesy of @jess.wust.
  • The One Stank To Rule Them All
    Photo courtesy of @mamab1975.
  • The Just-Pet-Me-Already Stank
    Photo courtesy of @monkhosravi.
  • The Stank Never Gonna Happen Face
    Photo courtesy of @mariehallum.
  • The Is It Really Monday Morning Already Stank Face
    Photo courtesy of @freya_forestcat.

Cat owners are all too familiar with that look of disgust when battling the odors emitting from lousy litter — it can produce some serious, face-contorting stank. Now this widespread condition can stay confined to the Internet thanks to the stank-erasing strength of Tidy Cats. Because  Tidy Cats LightWeight now with Ammonia Blocker stops ammonia odor from forming for two weeks, guaranteed, when used as directed. And that can only mean one thing: so long, Stank Face.